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Our Mission At Ball Breakers

Ball Breakers is the company that has your game-time-ready football ready the moment you need it. Gone are those long weeks of conditioning a new leather football from out of the box to being able to use on the field. With Ball Breakers, every leather football purchased has undergone a vigorous break-in process all done by hand to ensure when you get your new ball, it's ready to go right out of the box. Our mission is simple: provide high quality, game time ready pre-conditioned leather footballs with an amazing customer experience and competitive prices for our customers who want nothing but their best in order to have their own best day on the field.

How Ball Breakers Was Started

The idea of Ball Breakers came from our founder Dustin Robertson. Growing up Dustin played a lot of football as quarterback (mostly flag football) but tried out many different leather footballs during his leagues. The issue he kept running into was having to go through the lengthy break In process every time the team got a new leather football. 

Frustrated with always having to wait for the new football to be broken in enough that he felt comfortable using it during games, he thought to himself is there a place you can buy a football already broken in?

After months of research and asking other players, coaches, parents etc. this seemed to be a common problem that many other people came across also.

So after many months of planning Dustin started up Ball Breakers with the vision in mind to create a full team who can take the lengthy break in process head on while not only giving parents, coaches, players and teams the piece of mind that they are getting a high quality football, but also the piece of mind that they no longer had to worry about scrubbing, waxing & conditioning those new footballs ever again.